Insane Treatment for Mental Issues in the Old West

Through history, there have been cases of insane treatments around the Old West. The cases of insanity have not begun in the recent past but have been in occurrence from ancient times. In the quest to understand the applicable measures and treatments of insanity, we ought to garner absolute knowledge with respect to the former treatment of the past. Most of the insane treatments recorded across history include:

Using Whiskey as a Brain Supplement

Ancient days brain supplements were not like OptiMind Review: Does It Really Work? Is it Safe? Worth it? which are purely built for the brain. In ancient times, medics had little understanding of the occurrence of some health issues which could produce symptoms through a change of moods. With little understanding, the medics used opium or whiskey as a mental supplement to help individuals suffering from the same situations.

For decades up to the 19th century, doctors realized that such disorders had a medical basis. Consequently, the use of opium and whiskey as a colorant was not the only option to address such disorders. Having individuals with no mental issues in insanity rooms acted against morality and human ethics.

The medics reasoned that whiskey could help the patients cool their mind by making them relax. In a real sense, this so-called treatment caused more harm than good to individuals, making some turn alcoholics.

The knowledge of using whiskey to manage unmanageable individuals helps individuals come up with comprehensive skills and procedures which help current individuals develop the right medicine to cure such sicknesses.


Hydrotherapy is a form of treatment from the west which is often given to individuals deemed insane. Medics of the Old West considered hydrotherapy as a necessary treatment for insanity criterion which could produce adverse reactions to the patients.

In this therapy, they used water at different temperatures to produce viable results for a patient showing mental issues. The different water temperatures used are believed to be effective. The adverse effects emanate from the damages which might arise as a result of hotness or coldness of the water.

Holding The Wrong Individuals for Mental Treatment Due to Personal Issues

The case on Victoria Barkley, whereby some insane asylums place her in insane treatment areas, depicts the exact meaning of this statement. In ancient times, individuals could be inhumanely treated to hide evidence on murder cases.

Despite handling the individual with abnormalities like the case of Victoria and the judges’ son, the individuals could choose to hide the truth by victimizing innocent individuals. In the same cases, individuals with chronic diseases could also be given insane treatments due to their situation.

Exposure to Unhygienic Conditions

In the Old West, individuals with mental issues received poor treatment as a result of the weak environment which caused premature death of such individuals. This unhealthy condition placed an alarm on the patients cutting down their lifespan.

Current medics should consider such treatments as essential background to gain know-how on how to maintain environments occupied by mentally challenged individuals.

It is clear that some treatments used in the past are insane. Individuals holding a position in the mental hospitals and centers should consider developing strategies and brain supplements which produce little or no adverse effects to the patients. It is also essential to understand that such information is essential in addressing today’s current situations.

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