Old Western Cowboy-Style Bedroom Ideas

Are you a cowgirl or a cowboy at heart? Or simply someone who wants to transform the dull look of his or her bedroom?

You are sick of your bedroom, right? The colors feel dead and empty. Some parts of the walls are unpainted. You want it to look and feel alive again to give you a sense of peace and relaxation– not fatigue.

But what should you do? You have to redesign it.

No ideas?

That’s not a problem because the bamboo bazaar got you covered with amazing ideas. If you want to turn your bedroom into an interior with pastoral elegance and cowboy colors, this article is for you.

Check out these awesome ideas and learn how to transform your bedroom’s dull look into an old western cowboy-style!


Do you know that cowboys prefer sleeping under the roof, where they see the clear night sky and stars and the moon? If you want to have a similar feeling every quiet night, learn how to create a fiber-optic starfield. On the other hand, you can also paint one. Just bear in mind that although these methods are less expensive, they are really time-consuming.

Therefore, if you prefer a faster method and a less dramatic look, install ceilings beams. This will emphasize the rustic resemblances of your bedroom.

In addition, to achieve a ceiling with a western vibe, consider combining the following colors:

  • Burnished gold
  • Soft blue
  • River teal
  • Smokey blue
  • Sage green

These colors, according to SFGATE Home Guides, are calming and restful. Colors make a large impact on your bedroom’s look, so it is important you choose the proper hues.


When it comes to the bedroom wall, you can paint them with the mentioned colors above. Especially the barnished gold when combined with light brown, deep red, and green. However, for a more natural and realistic look, go for bamboos. Bamboos can revoke the old western vibe.


Complement the style of your walls with the kind of wood you use for the floor. The goal here is to evoke the usual colors of the old west bedroom using warm-colored woods.

Weather-worn woods and rough lumbers are your best options. However, you may simply buy woven area rugs to place over your floor. Pick the ones with designs of constellations, moon, or anything that you like in nature.


From Bandana valances to simple curtains made from burlap sacks, coarse linen, hemp, or organic cotton, you have many options to choose. In fact, these are the usual curtains framed in a cowboy’s windows. In addition, you can dress your curtains with a western print. For example, cowboys on horseback or horses racing.


The look of an old western bedroom is not complete without bamboo mattresses. Of course, an antique wardrobe, wrought-iron headboards, treasure chests, and a leather reading chair will also do the magic.

The key takeaway is to design your bedroom with cowboy colors, woods, and horse or cow motifs. Southwestern fiber designs also make a great impact. Try these ideas when you are redesigning your bedroom to inspire an old western cowboy styling.

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