Cowboy Breakfast

What Is The Cowboy Breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for a cowboy, this needs to be totally heavy to set them working for the herd throughout the morning. Thus, the Cowboy’s Breakfast is known to be one of the most energy-giving breakfast choices for someone who has a busy morning ahead. This type of breakfast is most common in the farm regions of the United States, but it is now made available to almost every fast food restaurant across the state.

Do you know what are the breakfast timings for cowboy? Well, they used to have it earlier than others.

How Did Cowboy’s Breakfast Came To Be?

In the frontier region of the United States, cowboys wake up really early to start their day tending the cattle. This is no easy job for anyone and would require an extensive amount of energy to start the day and keep them going all throughout. Surely, cooking breakfast on the frontier is no easy task to do. Unlike the highly urbanized cities like New York and Chicago, where everything is easily served to match a fast-paced society, the American farmlands depend on what they produced – potatoes, eggs, beans, cattle meat, and other produce. Pair that with the dark, strong coffee from tin pots to keep you going, you’ll surely have ample energy to start your morning tasks.

What Are The Common Recipes Of A Cowboy’s Breakfast?

The most common ingredients cooked for a Cowboy’s Breakfast are eggs (scrambled or over easy), potatoes (boiled or baked), beans, bacon, and lard. Other variations include chips and salsa. Coffee, once served as strong due to lack of sweeteners, are now served alongside this special breakfast with sugar and cream. Homemade cowboy’s breakfast may differ in cooking methods than those served in restaurants, but the presentation may look the same.

Special cowboy and Texas-styled restaurants in the big cities serve cowboy’s breakfast on their menus. Breakfast price at fast food restaurants varies from state and are served in different variations. TripAdvisor listed some restaurants serving cowboy’s breakfast are priced at $6 to $15 per serving. Nevertheless, home-cooked cowboy’s breakfast remains the best in terms of taste quality, and you can better find these when you visit the frontiers and experience the cowboy life in the Wild West.

Annual Cowboy’s Breakfast Celebrations

As a celebrated American frontier culture, the majority of the states that belong to the frontier region celebrate an annual festival dedicated to cooking specially-served Cowboy’s Breakfast. In fact, 2019 marks the 41st annual Cowboy Breakfast Festival in San Antonio, Texas. In Denver, Colorado, the Cowboy’s Breakfast event is also celebrated by many in the annual National Western Stock Show. Truly, this breakfast is treasured not only for its nutritional and consumption value but also for the culture and history that goes along with it.

Today, a cowboy’s breakfast is pretty common for those who are traveling cross-continental and are passing by the frontier region of the country. The cowboy breakfast festivals are coming in this year and are not to be missed, so you can enjoy the best breakfast a cowboy could have.

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