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The Most Effective Ways to Keep Your House Floors Spick & Span

If you are keen on keeping your house clean, you must have noticed how difficult it is to do so. Regardless of your efforts in tidying up your house, the rugs, the carpets, and the floors will undoubtedly get dirty.  If you accidentally dropped crumbs, it will get dirty, the dirt in your shoes, the usual build-up of dust, and so on, will get the floors smudged. You can Read more at Floorcleaningtools if looking for more information.

As discussed, it has become a norm for floors to get dirty. However, if you clean that dirt effectively, for your specific type of floor, you’ll be given some time off before you’ll be cleaning floors again.

How to Effectively Clean any Type of Floors

Check out these brilliant tips on how to keep your type of floor clean and fresh-looking:

Shag Carpet

Shag carpets generally feel amazing to wall onto. However, this type of rug is made of really thick wools, which makes them very disheartening to clean. Also, they are easily damaged if you go over-zealous while cleaning it. For a perfectly clean carpet, you would want to borrow, buy, or rent a steam cleaning on any hardware stores.  For a regular maintenance cleaning, a straight suction floor nozzle can be used by gently going over the rug. Additional tips: if you can bring and hang your shag rag outside, you can beat it with a stick or a broom handle to remove the dirt and dust on the rugs.

Flatweave Rugs

Flatweave rugs are easy to clean. This type of rug can bear regular vacuuming on both the front and backside of the rug. However, for delicate Flatweave rugs, you can vacuum it in small sections with little to no agitation. If you spill on it, you can opt to spot clean it – blot the stain with a paper towel and never rub it as the stain might bleed or set-in. For a much tougher stain, spot clean it with a detergent mixed with warm water.

Medium and High Pile Carpet

The most effective way of cleaning floors of this type is using an electric or turbo power nozzle. Either electric or turbo nozzle comes with a rotating roller brush that is perfect for deep cleaning of the carpet. First, find out the direction of the weaving by petting it; then, make sure that you vacuum in the direction of the weaving rather than against it, as this could cause breakage.


In cleaning hardwood floors, figure out first if it’s sealed or not. To find out, rub your hands against the floor – if you feel a smudge, it is unsealed. Unsealed floors should never be wet with water while cleaning, as it can cause wood to warp or swell. There is a specialized cleaner for the unsealed floor. You can ask any hardware stores for that.

If otherwise, you are allowed to use water to clean the sealed floor. You can use a mixture of simple soap and warm water as a cleaner. Use a damp mop, not a soaking wet mop, to mop towards the direction of the wood grain.


Tiles are the least stressful floor to clean. It only needs a regular sweeping or vacuuming to maintain its cleanliness. You can also opt to mop it using a mixture of mild detergent and warm water.


Cleaning floors hugely depends on what type of floors you have on your home. If you clean your floor based on how its type should be cleaned, you are guaranteed to have effortless and effective cleaning experience.

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