3 Coffee Shops in Austin

Top 3 Coffee Shops in Austin, Texas

Hyping it Up in Style

Austin, Texas is known for being different, and our best coffee beans shops are no exception. Normal people take their coffee seriously, but here we take the coffee shop environment just as seriously as the coffee brewed in it. Whether you’re looking for sleek and trendy or quiet and environmentally conscious, Austin coffee shops have something to offer to everyone.

Mozart’s Coffee Roasters

Located at 3825 Lake Austin Boulevard, Mozart’s Coffee Roasters has an amazing waterfront view, an astounding array of baked goods, and some of the best coffee around. In 2012, Mozart’s was ranked as one of the top ten places to get dessert in America by Bon Appetit Magazine. The coffee shop features musical performances every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night, along with free Wi-Fi for desperate students looking for a place to crash until 1am. Like many independent establishments in Austin, you never feel like “just another customer” they want in and out the door. Feel free to unpack your stuff and stay for the long run. They care about developing relationships with clients to keep them happily coming back for more.

Spider House Cafe

Open until 2am every night of the week, Spider House Cafe is a coffee house tailored for the adventurous. Located in downtown Austin on 2908 Fruth St, Spider House offers movies, music, cocktails, coffee, and a general trendy atmosphere. Quiet during the day and rowdy at night, Spider House has something for whatever environment you’re in to or whatever mood you’re in. However, if you plan on going out to this one in the evening, go earlier than later – parking can become a serious issue past 5pm, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Spider House Cafe is an ideal place for studying and homework, friends and fun.

Progress Coffee

The name may be pretentious, but the coffee earns it. Progress Coffee is “a place for food, beverage, art, music and magazines where you can eat, drink, look, listen, read – and hang out for as long as you want,” said Joshua Bigaman, co-owner of the cafe. Their coffee is fair trade, and all food is local and organic. Service is personal and friendly, and when you become a regular they’ll remember your name and your favorite drinks and how you like them made. Head down to 500 San Marcos Street to check it out and you may just find yourself a new favorite hangout.

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