Organic Mattresses

Organic Mattresses

Organic mattresses may sound ridiculous to some, but they are a necessary reality in the form of puffy mattress reviews for many. Most of us aren’t aware of just how many synthetic, volatile chemicals go into our ordinary furniture, from sofas to carpeting–and yes, this includes our beds. The most alarming example is ordinary baby crib mattresses, which, like adult mattresses, commonly contain toxic dyes and fire retardant chemicals.

Ethylbenzene, styrene, and trimethylbenzene are chemicals that are routinely used in the manufacturing of mattresses for adult and children alike. The matter is more grave, of course, where babies are concerned, for they’re in the most crucial development stage of their lives. Their lungs and immune systems are still forming, and are extremely susceptible to exposure to toxins.

What Goes into Organic Mattresses?

For this reason, many parents are rejecting conventional mattresses and turning to that which they can trust: organic mattresses. Organic means that the product in question has not been exposed to any synthetic chemicals during the entire manufacturing cycle. In the case of organic mattresses, which most commonly are latex mattresses, this means that the liquid latex is harvested from organically grown rubber plants, and processed without any chemical additives.

It also means that other materials that commonly accompany organic latex mattresses, such as covers and batting, are also made of organic materials. This means they are made of either organic cotton or wool, which are never exposed to synthetic chemicals in any way, even down to the pesticide-free grass that the wool producing sheep eat! The end result is a mattress that will not expose you or your children to harmful vapors.

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