While the American West was far from how Hollywood depicts it, the frontier was really packed with many exciting heroes and legends as well as shady characters and robbers. From legends such as Kit Carson and gunslingers including the Dalton Gang and Jesse James, the Old West was an interesting place to be. The American West also boasted of extraordinary women such as Willa Cather and Belle Star who made a mark on life in the Wild West.

The Old West was not entirely a jungle when it came to gun ownerships. There were towns such as Kansas and Abilene where strict gun rules were enforced. These laws were enforced by Marshal Tom Smith. Legend has it that he was involved in the accidental shooting of a teen which led him to turn in his badge and head for the West. He became famous for ridding towns such as Wyoming and Abilene of rowdy outlaws and cowboys.

The American West featured some famous battles and missions as well as tributes to various heroes– some of them became legends. These include Sam Houston, Wyatt Earp, and Daniel Boone. You will also get information on various individuals that gave the Wild West its notoriety such as Samuel Colt.

Colt invented the revolver which became popular after the guns were successfully used against Indians in Texas. You will get to learn about the Western cowboy, his rough life and various cowboy symbols including the cowboy hat and boots.

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