Native Americans

Native Americans are also referred to as aboriginal Americans, American Indian or simply as Indian. They were living in the North American landscape long before the United States was founded. They also occupied territories that are in present day Canada.

Many Native American communities were hunters and gatherers while others were agricultural societies. While their ancient way of life has been lost, the religion and legends of American Indians will also stand.

Experience American Indian culture and society explored at The Old West History Net. Enjoy various aspects of the Native American way of life including their legends, religion and culture. Learn more about the various Indian tribes including the Apache, Cherokee, and Lakota. Enjoy wise sayings as well as the Indian respect for nature.

When the Europeans first arrived in North America, the American Indian population was almost ten million. The first Native Americans are believed to have arrived in North America during the last ice-age. That was approximately 20,000-30,000 years ago. The tern “Indian” was first used by Christopher Columbus who mistakenly thought that he had reached the Indies in Asia as opposed to the Americas.

European conquest of the Americas resulted in a great reduction in the population of the aboriginal people. Effects of epidemic diseases, military conquest, colonization, and even enslavement resulted in discriminatory political policies that were unfavorable to the Indians.

Nevertheless, Native Americans have been actively involved in agitating for political change and regaining their autonomy. This has led to successful changes in various spheres including land ownership, religious freedom and regeneration of ancient culture.

The Old West History Net brings to you a slight portion of American Indian history with the facts surrounding the Native American culture, the places they inhabited, their religion, legends and heroes as well as their respect for nature.

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