American West Cowboy Codes

The iconic cowboy is a reflection of the best of America. Cowboys are not only optimistic, hardworking, and courageous but also principled. Their heroism comes from their courage and the simple, basic values that lie at the core of the cowboy lifestyle. The unwritten code of the west encompasses various aspects and includes the following:

  • A Cowboy lives each day with courage.
  • Your parents are your best friends. Listen to their words and obey them.
  • Do not ride another man’s horse before asking for their permission. It is as bad as bedding their wife.
  • Take pride in your work. Work hard in order to achieve success in life. Do not be lazy.
  • Never shoot an unarmed man. Never shoot a woman at all.
  • Always finish what you start. Ensure that you do what has to be done.
  • A cowboy is always fair.
  • A cowboy is always truthful. He does not betray trust.
  • Never boast. Talk less and do more.
  • Remember that not everything is for sale.
  • A cowboy tolerates the beliefs of others. He does not discriminate others because of their race or religion.
  • A cowboy respects women, his parents as well as the laws of the country.
  • A cowboy is gentle to children and harmless. He does not seek to cause unnecessary harm.
  • If you want to be respected, respect others.
  • Practice thrift in all ways possible. Wasted time or money today could mean regret tomorrow.
  • Be glad and be proud to be an American

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