5 Steps on How to Clean an Old Western Leather Saddle

Fancy using a leather saddle for a horse ride or any other animal ride? Great! It totally makes the ride even more exciting and comfortable. You might as well have the feeling of being in the West while riding your horse by using a western leather saddle.

However, it becomes tricky when it comes to cleaning it. That’s why you might want to hire some efficient maid just right cleaning services. It is important that you hire such because you might not know some delicate matters to address when cleaning your old western leather saddle.

But since there is almost nothing that you cannot do with the assistance of today’s technology, here are some 5 absolutely easy steps on how to clean an old western leather saddle. Hang on for the ride!

1. Prepare the Materials

You need to prepare the materials that you are going to need. Since you are not hiring some home cleaning services, you need to do this on your own. You only need to prepare a mild saddle soap, non-detergent leather conditioner, small sponge, three to four towels, a small bucket of water, a stiff bristle, some cotton swabs, and a metal cleaner.

2. Do the straddle Strip

Next thing that you need to do is to strip the saddle. As you may have noticed, girth and stirrups may be attached to it. Take them off now. It will give you a better access to the nooks and crannies. As a caution though, this is the place where you can see most of the dirt. Then, dampen a towel. Wipe it down gently on the straddle.

3. Dampen Sponge

Now you need to dampen the sponge and manage a lather. You need to remember that it should be dripping wet when you wipe it to your leather saddle. You definitely do not want that kind of trouble.

In doing this, you need to make sure that you choose carefully as to which leather cleaner you want to use. Some cleaners are not that good for leather. If you are not confident about it, you can hire some house cleaning services at any time.

4. Wipe it Clean

This is the moment that you can finally wipe your leather saddle clean. With the dampened sponge, gently wipe it. Then, when all the areas are carefully covered, you can clean it off with a damp towel. After the damp towel, proceed with a dry towel. Here, you need to make sure that there is no more residual soap somewhere in the leather saddle.

5. Time for the Leather Conditioner

Finally, you can apply the leather conditioner. Make sure that you apply the oil sparingly. This is especially so if you do not want to clog the pores or give an opportunity for the dirt to settle in.

These are the simple steps on how to clean an old western leather saddle. So, what are you waiting for? Clean your leather saddle now!


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