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Best Furniture Pieces for a Western Style Living Space

One doesn’t have to get to Texas or become the cowboy or professional chainsaw to decorate his own living space with the Wild West design. The great thing about the Western style is that it can be placed into any home in any city or state. Plus, it is an excellent design with an uplifting ambiance for anyone who wanted to relax after a day’s hustle and bustle.

If you are starting to decorate your living room with a Western-style but have no idea where to begin or which pieces of furniture to get, here are some starters to begin decorating your home like the Wild West.

Cowhide Rugs

The soft texture is adding luxury to the living space which gives a great impression to your guest about your house, not to mention the comfortable feeling of rubbing your feet on those soft hides. The versatility of this rug is not just for floor use. Cowhide rugs can also be an accent on the wall or your couch’s throw blanket.

If you worry about its durability, cowhide rugs are known to be one of the most durable in the market and are also the easiest to maintain. Some wiping and vacuum would make them look like brand new.

To ensure the quality of your cowhide rug, you can check its origin and make some rug test. Most high-quality cowhides are made in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and France. Treatments like oils and salts are applied to make hides extra soft. A rug drop and smell test would help you determine whether the cowhide rug is authentic, durable, and of topnotch quality.

Wood Benches

It’s not about taking chainsaws into the woods and cutting some logs to replace your comfortable sofa. Instead, choose those benches with the rough quality over well-varnished ones to make it look more natural.

Hewn Wood Tables

While they look chic and classy, they are designed to be as rustic as the Western-style. They come as bookshelves, coffee tables, side tables, entertainment docks, etc. For a more natural appeal, look for those tables that still have their rough edges and sloppy design like they were cut raw from chainsaws.

Cowhide Couch and Chairs

As they are the essentials of your living space, you need to decide well on these pieces of furniture. A cowhide-covered couch would do just the trick. You don’t have to choose wood on these. Cowhide sofas and side chairs are widely available in furniture stores, but some high-quality cowhide sofas can only be an eBay or Craigslist listing. Nonetheless, they provide great comfort while accentuating the style of the West in your living space.

Western-style Living Room Miscellaneous

Cowhide lamps, a rocking chair with knitting devices and sheepskin seat cover, and some great cacti or succulents could add the Wild West vibe with your living space furniture essentials. What matters most is that your living space is a comfortable place to stay in and gives the first impression of Western-style beauty to everyone who comes inside it.

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