Having the Wild West in Your Backyard

For Texans, a home on the range is the ideal place to retire to. Still, one cowboy went through a whole lot more than just building a cattle farm or fishpond on his real estate, for-sale real estate; he made his backyard look like a town from the old Wild West.

Doctor Jimmy Helms, a retired dentist, turned his 105-acre ranch into what others may call a blast from the past.

Building New Dubina

It wasn’t easy for Dr. Helms since he was busy with his dental job; he didn’t have the time and money to build his little town in one go.

It took about three years to clean up the place a bit and get the rotting hays out of the way and a decade or more to set up everything, from the exterior to the interior designs. Dr. Helms and a local handyman pretty much did everything to build up the place.

Dr. Helms and his handyman added some new buildings to his real estate to make the place look just like a town. They had to bring over some old buildings that could have been at least a century old from other sites to add to the place to give it a more aesthetic feel.

Dr. Helms named the town New Dubina in memories of a town nearby called Dubina that was destroyed by fire during the 1900s.

The project is far from finished. According to Dr. Helms, he is actually planning to build an old-Western-style hotel similar to those you can see in cowboy movies.

What’s in New Dubina

Speaking of which, New Dubina has a bank, saloon, millinery shop, and even a general store. The bank in New Dubina is complete with a teller’s cage and safe.

The saloon is also accessorized with vintage shot glasses and old playing cards. The millinery shop also has authentic old western clothes, and the general store is loaded with different kinds of antiquities.

Dr. Helms welcomes people to his little town. He is even willing to give free tours around the town to children, churchgoers, and anyone who wishes to see the old Western town. According to Dr. Helms, this is what makes his life a little less lonely and boring.

Regarding the cost of the whole town and all the antiquities and equipment, Dr. Helms admits that he doesn’t know its total. Since it took a long time to finish building the entire town, it was difficult to keep track of everything that was spent for the town.

The only part of town with a different vibe is the mayor’s office, an old log cabin that might have been at least 150 years old. What makes this place different are the modern electronics like a computer, air conditioner, and Internet access.


New Dubina appeared on a television show where Dr. Helms even played a sheriff, but he got killed in the show quite early. You can watch the show if you have the SKY network on your channel, the name of the show is “Hidden Histories.”

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