Spray Paint

How to Remove Spray Paint

In this article we shall know about the method of removing paint from concrete,paintbrushesand from fabric. First let us know about the removal process of paint from concrete. Concrete has a surface which is porous and spray paint can settle down in some tiny gaps of concrete which makes it very hard to remove. One usually has to take the help of chemicals and industrial equipment for the purpose of cleaning concrete. Have a look at the points mentioned below which enumerate certain methods through which spray paint can be removed from concrete:

  • You can buy a commercial paint thinner or any paint removing chemical and use it to apply on the dirty surface. Allow it to settle on the surface for about 30 minutes and then take the help of a hard brush for scrubbing the surface till the paint fades from it.
  • You can also rent a pressure washer from any hardware store for the purpose of removing fresh spray paint. You have to use the washer at a power level of a minimum of 4000 PSI. Make sure that you have secured the rotary tube nozzle tightly to the washer and then spray high pressure water on the concrete which will in turn remove the paint from the concrete surface.
  • You can use a high power sand blaster. For doing this, you will need to place silica in the appropriate compartment of the sand blaster and water in its appropriate compartment of the machine. Now move the machine over the concrete surface. This will help in removing any fresh spray paint or any deep old stains from the concrete surface.
  • You can apply Methylene Chloride to the surface by using a brush and allow the chemical to settle in the concrete surface. Now spray some water with very high pressure on the area and then scrub with a brush.
  • You can also prevent any new stains from settling on the concrete surfaces. This can be done by coating the area with a sealer like aliphatic urethane. This will stop paint from seeping inside the concrete surface and will also prevent discoloration.

After having known about the methods of removing spray paint from concrete we shall know about the process of removing spray paint from fabric. Whenever any paint drips onto a fabric, try to remove the stain while it is still fresh or else it will be difficult to remove the spray paint after it dries off. The guide given below will give you an idea about the method of removing spray paint from fabric:

  • Try soaking the fabric in cold water for some time. This will help in keeping the paint wet and will also rinse out any paint which is loose.
  • Now treat the area by using a stain remover solution and work this solution into the fabric. After working it on the fabric you have to allow the stain removing solution to get soaked in the fabric for about a couple of hours. After the stipulated time, you have to wash the fabric using cold water. You can also use stain fighting laundry detergent while washing the fabric.
  • Be very sure that the paint has been removed from the fabric before you place it in the dryer. Only if the stain is no longer visible, put the fabric in the dryer. But if the stain is still visible you have to allow the fabric to air dry and then try out alternative methods.
  • You can also saturate the dried paint stain with Isopropyl alcohol. You have to allow the stain to be soaked in the alcohol for some time and after that rub the fabric’s stain with a dry cloth or pick it with your fingernail.
  • You can also use hairspray instead of rubbing Isopropyl alcohol.

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