Clean Glass Showers

How to Clean Glass Showers

Glass showers and duscharmatur | homelody are elegant and impressive, but sometimes frustrating when you’re responsible for keeping them sparkling clean. Just use these easy tips for keeping them in guest-ready condition…

Things You’ll Need:

  • rubber gloves
  • Clean Magic Eraser sponge
  • sponge or cleaning brush
  • shower or tile cleaner
  • squeegee or Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner

Step1 In order to make sure that the dirt and scum is soft and loosened, run hot water in the shower for a few minutes before you start. While the water is running, if you have shower that is not attached to the ceiling, use this time to wipe down the top of the shower frame with a damp cloth.
Step2 After a few minutes, turn off the shower. Using gloves to protect your hands (this is important as the sponge contains caustic chemicals), moisten the Magic Eraser sponge and scrub the glass doors to remove soap scum, beginning at the top of the glass and working toward the bottom, using circular motions. Rinse glass. With large glass doors and large showers, more than one sponge may be needed to complete all glass surfaces.
Step3 Once the top frame and glass surfaces are clean, begin to clean tile surfaces with tile cleaner and sponge or brush, working from the top to bottom of the shower. I find the best success with a rotating tile cleaning tool, working over a small section at a time, and using an old toothbrush on the caulk between tiles, as needed. Use this same tile technique on the shower stall floor.
Step4 As a final touch, spray window cleaner on the stainless surfaces and wipe clean with a paper towel.
Step5 Now that your shower is spotless and clean, use a few simple steps to keep it “spa ready” at any time:
1) After each shower, scrape the doors and tiles with a squeegee that is kept in the stall on a hook, or use a Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner machine like I do, which will spray an anti-scum solution on the shower walls and keeps the shower squeaky clean between cleanings.
2) After leaving the shower stall each day, leave the shower door and window shades open until the shower dries to minimize buildup of mildew from dark and moist environments
Step6 Step into your clean shower each day knowing it will always be clean, sparkling and ready for you!

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