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Experience the wild and wooly past of the Old Wild West, its history, folklore, cultural expression including legends of the cowboys and pioneer women of the frontier as well as the various historical events that took place in the American West.

Look for information on captivating movies that brought to life some of the forgotten traditions of the Old West along with its jaggedness and outlaws. Americans are especially thrilled by the Old West for its gunfights, cowboys, gambling, and stagecoach robberies. Regardless of your perception of the American West, you will find great articles plus links to other great facts about the Wild West.

Our section on American Indians outlines various aspects of the Indian society including Indian culture, religion, and legends. You will get to explore Native heroes, legends, and sacred places and access authentic Native American recipes.

The Old West was an enthralling time and place in American history.  It featured all sorts of heroes and outlaws. From lawmen to outlaws, to gangs and gunslingers, to the cowboys and fabulous revolutionary women of the Wild West, you will get to experience American History through immersion.

You will gain valuable information on the lives and times of famous people that lived in the west. These include both the heroes, legends and outlaws.

You’ll also learn about the life of the Native Americans and their resistance against the European settlers as well as their spiritual traditions and artworks.

Another interesting aspect of life in the Old West was the Western saloon. This was a type of joint unique to the American West which served cowboys, soldiers and mining prospectors. Saloons also offered dancing girls and gambling as entertainment for the revelers.

Vigilantes were also common in the old west as people took the law into their hands to get justice.