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Experience the wild and wooly past of the Old Wild West, its history, folklore, cultural expression including legends of the cowboys and pioneer women of the frontier as well as the various historical events that took place in the American West.

Look for information on captivating movies that brought to life some of the forgotten traditions of the Old West along with its jaggedness and outlaws. Americans are especially thrilled by the Old West for its gunfights, cowboys, gambling, and stagecoach robberies. Regardless of your perception of the American West, you will find great articles plus links to other great facts about the Wild West.

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    The Most Effective Ways to Keep Your House Floors Spick & Span

    If you are keen on keeping your house clean, you must have noticed how difficult it is to do so. Regardless of your efforts in tidying up your house, the rugs, the carpets, and the floors will undoubtedly get dirty.  If you accidentally dropped crumbs, it will get dirty, the dirt in your shoes, the usual build-up of dust, and so on, will get the floors smudged. You can Read more at Floorcleaningtools if looking for more information.
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  • Gardening Survival Techniques

    The Native-American Way: Gardening Survival Techniques

    Native Americans were great stewards of the land they planted on and ate from. It is remarkable to know that they didn’t toil on it with tools made today but with knowledge, respect, instinct, and reverence. They were grateful for the produce the soil provides, and for generations, they passed down the vital knowledge on how to do this by walking alongside nature and the aim to preserve the earth for years to come.
    Their methods can be used by everybody – from the farmer with the largest field to the smallest patch of soil a gardener tends to. Below are some of the methods they used that we can learn to apply in today’s time.

  • Leather Cowboy Boots

    How to Take Care of Your Leather Cowboy Boots

    Cowboy leather boots are as important as any other shoe wear. If you’re looking for tips on how to take care of molded house or your cowboy leather boots, read on.
    There are four important steps to make sure that your boots are properly maintained.


    This is mainly for new boots. It is not, however, limited to it. You are, of course, free to do this on your leather boots – regardless of their age.
    Use Silicone Polymer Spray.
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  • Risky Mortgage Types to Avoid

    Caution should be taken when borrowing money to buy a home as mortgage comes in different types, each carrying their respective sets of risks. These risks are based on how financial advice on the matter would tell you that they may not be matched by your ability to repay it. One of the leading website from industry snurl.com says that the products should match with the right borrowers. While some lenders might tell borrowers that there is always a chance to refinance, this only applies when home prices increase over time.
    Right now, home values have declined after the 2008 financial crisis. The statistics in the Mortgage Bankers Association’s National …

  • WordPress Theme for your Website

    Wild West WordPress Theme for your Website

    Do you want to try something out for your website? Well, maybe it’s about time for you to explore on Wild West theme on WordPress. This can give a boost to your web hosting, especially if you really have the feels for it.
    Apparently, most of the WordPress themes that you can look up nowadays are already being used by others. It takes imagination to be different. Especially, it takes inspiration in order for you to get going.
    So, if you think you are up for a Wild West WordPress Theme for your website, then you better check these out.
    What is it?
    This theme creates an ambiance in your website that may take your…

  • Widely Used Drugs in the Old West

    During the 19th century, drugs such as cannabis, opium, cocaine, and heroin were widely acceptable and available in the Old West. Men, women and even children were prescribed these drugs which could easily be purchased over the counter. These narcotics were believed to be the cure for ailments like cancer, insomnia, depression, tuberculosis and many more. They, however, led to a lot of violence in the Old West. In this article, we focus on the history of some of the drugs in the Old West.
    Unlike CBD oil, cannabis causes a high due to its high content in THC.
    Cannabis is one of the oldest drugs in the Old West that has been used by…

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