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Link/Video to 1882 rifle leaning against tree for years foundChronicle of the Old West
Unraveling the myth of the American WestWyatt Earp Timeline
Q/A…What were Old West building roofs made of?…Click here to find out
John Corcoran’s comprehensive presentation of adobe making – 1 of 2 videos

Peter Hill’s “Old West Violence Mostly Myth”
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Welcome to G.S. McLelland’s Tombstone…
Click here to be LIVE on the Streets of Tombstone…
Ann Kirschner’s Lady at the O.K. Corral’ named One Book Yuma selection
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Link to Each year Mr. Doug Rohe, a CPA Tax Specialist donates tax credit dollars to Tombstone Unified School District…
Thanks Ron R. for purchasing Streets of Tombstone map…
Shooters test their mettle in Tombstone-1/17
Clone your VHS and Beta tapes before your historic moments become lost memories..

Thanks Linda for the following Antiques Roadshow/C.S. Fly photo appraisal video 3:05

1882-Cororner’s Inquest Florentino Cruz killed by Wyatt Earp – June 7, 1955-Nephew of Wyatt Earp on game show “$64,000 QUESTION”…
When it comes to the Coroner’s Inquest video, you can’t believe everything you read, see and hear…

The Streets of San Francisco in 1906…now in HD…Many Tombstone residents settled in San Francisco and rode these tracks daily…
This film was recorded approx. one week prior to San Francisco’s 1906 Earthquake…If this video does nothing for you, you may be dead…

Showtime 1994 at the OK Corral…Part 2Part 3Part 4
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Streets of Tombstone Maps For Sale…
Most historians agree that you can read all the Tombstone OK Corral history books you want but without G.S. McLelland’s 1998 Streets of Tombstone/OK Corral map on October 26, 1881, your research is incomplete…The 22 x 34 inch signed collectable map “speaks for itself.”…Your cost, $119.00 each…Shipping is FREE… To purchase map, click Streets of Tombstone Map on October 26, 1881

The late Glenn Boyer…Truth or Fiction?