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Experience the wild and wooly past of the Old Wild West, its history, folklore, cultural expression including legends of the cowboys and pioneer women of the frontier as well as the various historical events that took place in the American West.

Look for information on captivating movies that brought to life some of the forgotten traditions of the Old West along with its jaggedness and outlaws. Americans are especially thrilled by the Old West for its gunfights, cowboys, gambling, and stagecoach robberies. Regardless of your perception of the American West, you will find great articles plus links to other great facts about the Wild West.

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  • Favorite Food in The West

    Cowboys’ Favorite Food in The West

    Life in the west before the 19th century was not as straightforward as is today. When Cowboys were out in the wild, they had simple portable meals to rely on for survival in the harsh conditions of the land. They also relied on hunting to get a rare meal of fresh meat. They didn’t have cooking equipment such as air fryers to cook their meals and so they relied on simple methods like roasting using wood. The Cowboys also had some favorite meals that they preferred to pack before venturing into the wild west. Let’s get to know Cowboys’ favorite food.
    Dried and Fresh Meat
    Cowboys really liked meat. It provided them with …

  • Oldest Wines

    Oldest Wines on the Planet

    Whether you’re a legit wine connoisseur or just someone downright curious, this article from Raymond-nh will surely spike your interest. You know what they say– the older the wine, the better it’s believed to taste. Howbeit, this is a misconception. A wine’s age does not always guarantee it will actually taste good. Some wines featured on this short list are even not safe to drink anymore as they are a few hundreds of years old and are some of the costliest wine bottles sold in auctions.
    Chateau Lafite Rothschild
    Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1787, originally from France was sold to the highest …

  • Wild West To Survive

    Things Cowboys Carried With Them In The Wild West To Survive

    Today, life is pretty easy, and survival is, in most cases, 100% assured. Inventions, innovations and other technological advancements have made surviving effortless. For example, today, a large group of people knows How to Aquaponic, something people of the past like the cowboys of the west never knew.
    Speaking of cowboys and the west, have you ever wondered how they survived out in the wild west? They didn’t have any of the equipment we have today that can help us survive for days without any struggle, yet they survived the wild west.
    How did they survive? Well, most cowboys carried simple tools, items, and weapons that came in handy …

  • Clean Antique Furniture

    How to Clean Antique Furniture

    Cleaning antique furniture requires precision as you don’t want to damage your valuable items. Most homeowners have no clear idea on how to go about this and the choice of cleaning agents to use, so they just simply resort to paying to house cleaning san diego. When it comes to cleaning antique furniture, most people often don’t realize that the old and worn out finish is simply dirt and grime, and this can easily be handled while preserving much of the original color and finish.
    To clean antique furniture, start off by wiping the furniture with a piece of rag that’s loaded with a cleaner specifically made to be used on wood surfaces or …

  • Wild West Keto Recipes

    Your Guide To Making Wild West Keto Recipes

    Now that the holidays are over, it’s about time to get back to dieting to burn off all the added calories gained. Being on a diet doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t almost eat anymore. There are now healthy ways to diet. One of which is the keto diet that’s also getting more and more popular among people wanting to achieve a slimmer body. With these easy-to-cook recipes compiled in this guide, you’re now ready to follow a ketogenic diet even without the help of a ketogenic cooking book. Try these recipes at home and you don’t need to worry about getting fat.
    If you’re one of them and you’re still new to keto dieting, …

  • WordPress Theme for your Website

    Wild West WordPress Theme for your Website

    Do you want to try something out for your website? Well, maybe it’s about time for you to explore on Wild West theme on WordPress. This can give a boost to your web hosting, especially if you really have the feels for it.
    Apparently, most of the WordPress themes that you can look up nowadays are already being used by others. It takes imagination to be different. Especially, it takes inspiration in order for you to get going.
    So, if you think you are up for a Wild West WordPress Theme for your website, then you better check these out.
    What is it?
    This theme creates an ambiance in your website that may take your…

  • Cowboy Breakfast

    What Is The Cowboy Breakfast?

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for a cowboy, this needs to be totally heavy to set them working for the herd throughout the morning. Thus, the Cowboy’s Breakfast is known to be one of the most energy-giving breakfast choices for someone who has a busy morning ahead. This type of breakfast is most common in the farm regions of the United States, but it is now made available to almost every fast food restaurant across the state.
    Do you know what are the breakfast timings for cowboy? Well, they used to have it earlier than others.
    How Did Cowboy’s Breakfast Came To Be?
    In the …

  • Old Western Cowboy-Style Bedroom Ideas

    Are you a cowgirl or a cowboy at heart? Or simply someone who wants to transform the dull look of his or her bedroom?
    You are sick of your bedroom, right? The colors feel dead and empty. Some parts of the walls are unpainted. You want it to look and feel alive again to give you a sense of peace and relaxation– not fatigue.
    But what should you do? You have to redesign it.
    No ideas?
    That’s not a problem because the bamboo bazaar got you covered with amazing ideas. If you want to turn your bedroom into an interior with pastoral elegance and cowboy colors, this article is for you.
    Check out …

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